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3 Deep









Give Her Your Love/Rainbow (Reprise) / Surface

Written by David Conley, Bernard Jackson, David Townsend

Produced by Surface


from the 3rd album

"3 Deep" (November 6, 1990) Columbia


1. The First Time

2. Give Her Your Love/Rainbow (Reprise/Interlude)

3. All I Want Is You

4. Tomorrow

5. You're The One/We Don't Have To Say Good-Bye

6. Never Gonna Let You Down

7. 10

8. Don't Wanna Turn You Off/Kid Stuff (Young Love)

9. When It Comes To Love/Echoes (Interlude)

10. Ain't Givin' Up

11. Love X Trust

12. Kid Stuff (Believe In Yourself)


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3 Deep

3 Deep